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Supply Chain Management Course


What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the centralized administration of the flow of goods and services, and it encompasses all operations that convert raw materials into finished commodities.
Companies may save costs and deliver items to customers faster and more effectively by optimizing the supply chain.
A well-managed supply chain keeps firms out of the press and away from costly recalls and lawsuits.
The five most important aspects of SCM are
Strategy development,
Raw Material Sourcing,
Supply chain management courses
There are a variety of courses available for candidates who wish to enter the area of supply chain management and then create a career in Supply Chain Management. Among these courses are:
● BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
● MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
● Diploma in Supply Chain Management.
● Certificate in Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Eligibility

The eligibility for each of these courses varies from case to case. The general criteria is a +2 grade point average of at least 45%. Students with holistic management and collaboration abilities are most prepared for a career in Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Scope
Automation’s ever-increasing innovations continue to benefit the logistics industry. Following that, in the approaching years, every institution will employ automation and supply chain management to simultaneously carry forward their output. Given this, the field of logistics and supply chain management has a lot of potential in the future.
Benefits of studying Supply Chain Management
A well-designed supply chain helps to achieve the strategic goals of lower costs, faster performance cycles, world-class goods, service quality, flexibility, dependability, and product availability. Indeed, many firms today are taking supply chain projects more seriously than ever before to gain a competitive advantage in a globalized world. Cadburys, Godrej, Modi Xerox, L’Oreal, and Maruti Udyog are a few noteworthy examples.

As previously said, the scope of supply chain management is vast and hence ever-expanding. Some of the most important jobs in Supply Chain Management are:
● Head of Supply Chain
● Supply Chain Manager
● Logistics Manager
● Assistant Manager- Supply Chain
● Assistant Manager- Logistics
● Regional Order Manager
● Supply Chain Executive
● Business Analyst- Supply Chain
● Deputy Logistics Manager
● Purchase Manager
● Procurement Manager


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