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Electronic Document Management System


What Is Electronic Document Management System?

A framework of tools to manage the creation, use, and storage of documents in multiple formats, created throughout an organization is called an electronic document management system (EDMS).

Electronic document management is a comprehensive system knowledge is enabled the workers to adeptly organize and distribute documents across the organization for better, amalgamated use within regular operations.

Who Can Use An EDMS?

It is used for many asset-heavy businesses which provides a single source of truth for engineering documentation, reduces ineffectuality, and improves decision-making.

Top EDMS System Features

When you choose an EDMS system for your organization you have to keep in mind that the best EDMS include the following features:

•             Easy-To-Configure Workflows

To streamline workflow information like document type and a number of working copies revision controls and approval processes will help you. This can simplify collaboration and ensure everyone works on the right page at the right time.

•             Intuitive Document Version Control

This helps in regulatory compliance and ensures that all users have access to the up-to-date, have accurate information to maximize productivity, stay safe and ensure data integrity.

•             Streamlined Document Management

EDMS system is more user-friendly in making document storage and document sharing. With a few clicks, you can share documents, organize your electronic files, simplify your document workflow, control your file formats and optimize files.

•             Easy Compliance

Strict document authorizations and easy-to-follow audit trails are required to maintain ongoing compliance with regulatory bodies according to ISO engineering standards.  To set permissions and control document access to facilitate ongoing compliance right document management software is required. Here documents are connected to records retention schedules, allowing your team to easily turn active documents into tractable records.

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