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BMS in Pharmaceutical Management


Accessibility to basic healthcare is becoming a basic necessity for the population today. A majority of the people depend on different kinds of medications to stay healthy. With the advent of modern scientific discoveries, the average lifespan of the people have increased drastically. Many cures are available for various diseases and conditions today which were not present in the past generations. Hence, it is pretty evident that the pharmaceutical industry is a thriving industry today. It is responsible for manufacturing certain medications which can help to diagnose as well as treat the ailing patients as well as carrying out consistent research practices which would be essential to yield a solution for the diseases and conditions whose treatment is not yet known.

The building blocks of the pharmaceutical industry are their efficient and effective workforce. Managing this workforce is a challenge for these organisations. The qualifications of the workforce are either from a purely pharmaceutical background or that of a management background. Hence, the organisations have to train this workforce in order to transform them into an effective and efficient workforce. Thus, the need of the hour is to design certain innovative courses which would make the students industry ready for this sector. BMS in Pharmaceutical Management is one such course which has been designed with the help of the industry experts as well as the eminent academicians. Haldia Institute of Management is one of the premiere institutes who offer this course under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, India.

This course contains an amalgamation of different pharmacy subjects like anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, etc. as well as management subjects like marketing, human resources management, supply chain management, etc. Students get to study these subjects in details. They are given qualitative practical classes as a part of this curriculum as well in order to give the students a better understanding about the pharmacy subjects in details. 

This course is a three year course having six semesters of six months. In the last semester of this course, students are given an opportunity to do an internship in various organisations to gain a better understanding in the operations of an organisation. It has been seen that if the performance of the students are above average then the organisations absorb the candidates in their respective organisations. The institute provides 100 per cent assistance in the placement of the students as well.

Some of the outcomes of this course are given as follows:

  • Joining Pharmaceutical and Health Care Sector in the post of manager or administrator
  • Possibility in joining in the field of QA/QC, PPIC, PMT, Marketing, Production, HR, etc
  • Possibility for employment in Government as well as Private Sector
  • In-depth knowledge about Pharmaceutical & Health care organization
  • Opportunity to pursue higher education in various government as well as private organizations

Eligibility: 10+2 any Science stream with minimum 40-45% Marks

Haldia Institute of Management is affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology) and is situated at ICARE Knowledge Campus, Hatiberia, Haldia.The institute was established in 2004 keeping in mind the growing need of health care managers and administrators.


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